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New DS 4 Crossback

New Ds 4 Crossback

  • Rugged styling
  • Premium feel
  • Excellent ride quality
  • Efficient engines
  • Well-equipped
  • 5* Euro NCAP safety rating
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DS 4 Crossback

Featuring a raised ride height and rugged design details, the DS 4 Crossback is designed to be as accomplished as its appearance suggests. Wheel arch protection, gloss black bumpers, and rear spoiler add crossover style, while 30mm more ground clearance and softer suspension settings enable greater ability with minimal impact on interior comfort. Intelligent traction control also feels like you are driving a four-wheel drive off-roader without the added weight, complexity of cost. The DS 4 Crossover comes equipped with all the alluring attributes of the standard model too, which includes a luscious leather cabin, state-of-the-art infotainment featuring smartphone connectivity, assistance systems for all driving situations, and a range of efficient yet responsive engines.

DS 4 Crossback Features

Ds 4 Crossback - Design


The DS 4 Crossback’s raised ride height is perfectly balanced by rugged body styling, which includes black wheel arch protectors designed to shield against scuffs.
Ds 4 Crossback - Comfort


Despite its rough and ready appeal, the DS 4 Crossback’s “meticulously built cockpit will help you feel as at home outside the urban jungle as in it.”
Ds 4 Crossback - Technology


The DS 4 Crossback’s Mirror Screen displays your smartphone content on the 7-inch touchscreen, while Connect Box links to an online portal and mobile app for tailored driving tips.
Ds 4 Crossback - Practicality


Form and function go hand in hand with the DS 4 Crossback, as it has an elevated driving position, seating for five adults in comfort, and a good-sized boot.


Ds 4 Crossback
Ds 4 Crossback
Ds 4 Crossback

More Features

Ds 4 Crossback - Drivability


DS engineers have managed to raise the Crossback’s ride height by 30mm but still maintain the standard model’s well-honed handling and smooth ride.
Ds 4 Crossback - Choice


In addition to a 130hp PureTech petrol engine, you can also choose the 120 or 180hp BlueHDi diesel with a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic EAT6 gearbox.
Ds 4 Crossback - Cabin


The interior’s leather upholstery, which has been used for everything from the body-hugging seats to the supple steering wheel, goes through a 21-hour process to ensure a premium finish.
Ds 4 Crossback - Safety


By checking throttle input, gradient, and wheel spin, the DS 4 Crossback’s Intelligent Traction Control works alongside the ESP to manage power and improve grip on slippery surfaces.

DS 4 Crossback Colours

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Polar White

Polar White

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Polar White

Platinum Grey Metallic

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Tourmaline Orange Metallic

Tourmaline Orange Metallic

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Perla Nera Black Metallic

Perla Nera Black Metallic

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Ink Blue Metallic

Ink Blue Metallic

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Pearl White Pearlescent

Pearl White Pearlescent

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Whisper Purple Metallic

Whisper Purple Metallic

Ds 4 Crossback - Available In Cumulus Grey Metallic

Cumulus Grey Metallic

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Latest Offers
Car Magazine
The improvements DS has made to the DS4 Crossback are worthy of your appreciation – the ride quality, the infotainment and the general sense of purpose are all enhanced, and to truly tangible extent.
Car Magazine
Honest John
The premium pitch is reflected in the quality of the interior, with the DS 4 Crossback boasting one of the best in the business, with lots of leather, aluminium and soft-touch plastics.
Honest John
What Car?
If you're taken by the distinctive looks of the DS 4 then the Crossback is the best variant for sure.
What Car?
New DS 4 Crossback
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