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Citroen C3

Citroen C3

  • Unique hatchback design brimming with charisma and fun
  • 5 seats and 5 doors for complete family practicality
  • A range of petrol and diesel engine options with start and stop technology
  • Featuring a world-first connected HD camera for streaming video
  • Compact length makes the C3 particularly agile on cramped roads
  • Interior refinements for complete comfort within the C3 cabin
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You've never seen a hatchback quite like this before. The latest reimagining of the C3 by Citroen will change everything you thought you knew about modern driving. A stylish and sophisticated hatchback with plenty of modern technology to brag about, the Citroen C3 combines family practicality with technology that's simply not available anywhere else. On top of standard tech features like lane departure warning systems and reversing cameras, you also get access to the world's first HD connected camera for streaming video and image capture. In other words, you can share your driving experience with the world! From interior comfort and practicality designed to block out the sounds of the road, to an incredible range of generous extras, the newest Citroen C3 is sure to blow you away.

C3 Features

Citroen New C3 - Compact Hatchback

Compact Hatchback

If you want versatility and convenience, the compact design of the newest C3 offers an agile and practical driving experience. Perfect for getting around tight corners and slipping into smaller parking spaces in a hurry!
Citroen New C3 - Incredible Style

Incredible Style

The bold and charismatic appearance of the latest Citroen C3 make it difficult to ignore. Plus, there's the option to add a range of optional extras and design changes to your choice, so that you can create a C3 that's personal to you.
Citroen New C3 - Great Technology

Great Technology

Take your driving experience up a notch with the range of great tech in the latest Citroen C3. Features include coffee break alerts, reversing cameras, lane warning departure systems, and speed limit recommendation recognition too!
Citroen New C3 - Interior Refinements

Interior Refinements

Aside from the 5 seat and 5 door configurations, the latest C3 offers a solution that helps you to drown out the sounds of the outside world. Dampening road noise means that you can focus on driving, while passengers relax.


Citroen New C3
Citroen New C3
Citroen New C3

More Features

Citroen New C3 - Comfortable Cabin

Comfortable Cabin

The cabin of the latest C3 has been carefully designed by Citroen to offer absolute comfort, from stylish and cosy seats, to the wide amount of headroom and legroom for a compact car, you're bound to be impressed by this car.
Citroen New C3 - Perfect For Family Life

Perfect for Family Life

The Citroen C3 features a range of incredible storage solutions that make it more convenient for family life. Besides plenty of seating space for child seats, there are storage bins located throughout the cabins too!
Citroen New C3 - Engine Options

Engine Options

The newest C3 comes with a collection of different engines to choose from, including BlueHDI Diesel engines, and PureTech petrol. Every option is efficient and comes with start stop technology to help you cut down on fuel costs.
Citroen New C3 - Camera Tech

Camera Tech

A world-first, the ConnectedCam feature of the latest Citroen C3 allows you to snap pictures and record video from your perspective as you drive your car - giving you the perfect solution for creating incredible road trip memories.

C3 Colours

Citroen New C3 - Available In Almond Green

Almond Green

Citroen New C3 - Available In Arctic Artic Steel Metallic

Arctic Steel Metallic

Citroen New C3 - Available In Cobalt Blue Metallic

Cobalt Blue Metallic

Citroen New C3 - Available In Peria Nera Black Metallic

Peria Nera Black Metallic

Citroen New C3 - Available In Polar White

Polar White

Citroen New C3 - Available In Power Orange Metallic

Power Orange Metallic

Citroen New C3 - Available In Shark Grey Metallic

Shark Grey Metallic

Citroen New C3 - Available In Soft Sand Metallic

Soft Sand Metallic

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The Citroen C3 has low running costs and a practical interior, and thanks to its soft suspension it’s one of the most comfortable superminis on the market
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The Citroen C3 is impressively refined, and even on the motorway there's not much wind- or road noise
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High speeds and motorway driving are handled pretty easily in the C3. It’s a refined long-distance cruiser, with one of the most comfortable rides in the sector
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Citroen New C3
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